Cable Accessories

Elite Team Trading llc established in 2011, leading Traders of Total Engineering Solutions catering to the needs of all market sectors. We provide the best quality products for Petroleum, Oil & Gas and downstream production facilities as well as for power industries in UAE, Sultanate of Oman and other GCC Region. The Trading portfolio includes wide range to Electrical, Mechanical and Instrumentation products in quick service pertaining to the customer needs and satisfaction.

As per International Specifications, Lugs is a Connecting device with barrel accommodating respective conductor size of electrical cable & which has fixing arrangements of termination by means of a bolt fixing or pin insertions in the tunnerl type terminal blocks

Glands use with armoured cable, secures armouring and provides electrical continuity between armour and gland entry component. These are used both indoor and outdoor, in all climatic conditions as it is weatherproof & waterproof
The following are the types of Glands which are available :
BW , CW , E1W , A1 & A2

Connectors are manufactures from soft drawn bare copper tube as per BS to obtain high electrical & mechanical strength. They are used for straight through joints for joining of cable conductors

The electrical cable termination is the physical and electrical connection of a cable end that connects to another cable, or to the terminal of the equipment. The cable terminations are often designed to enable the physical and electrical interconnecting of two cable ends, or a cable end and a terminal on the equipment.

For fire hazards, corrosive environment and extreme weathering conditions, the cable bundling / clamping application needs safe, strong and worry free cable ties, plastic ties are simply inadequate or even dangerous for such applications. These are made out of S.S. Grades 316, 304 & 201 depending upon the application & customers requirement.

Ties are coated with Non-toxic halogen free Low smoke & UV Resistant polyester, PPA, Nylon, materials, which provides handling comfort at extreme low temperatures, extra protection against corrosion, impedes weathering effect and protect the bundle. Available in wide choice of colours.

Stainless Steel banding and strapping is a very versatile clamping system the banding is pulled by hand from the box and wrapped twice around the object you wish to clamp and threaded through a stainless steel buckle.
Stainless Steel Band gardes which are available is SS 201 , SS 304 , SS 316

Cable covers / tiles are fully joined, laid overlapped and held firm with plastic jointing pegs. They are a direct replacement for concrete cable covers and steel plate tiles.