Health & Safety Equipment

Health & Safety Equipment

Elite Team Trading llc established in 2011, leading Traders of Total Engineering Solutions catering to the needs of all market sectors. We provide the best quality products for Petroleum, Oil & Gas and downstream production facilities as well as for power industries in UAE, Sultanate of Oman and other GCC Region. The Trading portfolio includes wide range to Electrical, Mechanical and Instrumentation products in quick service pertaining to the customer needs and satisfaction.

Lifting Products includes
1. Hooks
2. Chain Slings
3. Eye Bolts
4. D Shackles & Bow Shackles
5. Web Slings

Safety Products such as Safety Glasses, Safety Shoes, Safety Gloves, Safety Helmet, Safety Belt, and Safety Jacket are available. Depending on your work environment safety products may be used to protect against physical hazards, heat, cold, electrical arcs, airborne toxins, light, radiation, or others.

Wear Safety Products to keep you safe.

Fire Extinguisher types may change we’re here to help you choose the right types of Fire Extinguishers, and properly install and maintain the right solution whether it’s for a Home or Business.